The easiest platform that unifies and simplifies everything you need to sell through internet despite you do not have digital marketing knowledge.

You can obtain results in less than 24/48 hours.


You will generate your pages the easiest way to sell through WhatsApp

In order to sell successfully using our method, you will need a landing page where you will place your final offer. Our page builder is ready for this, and you will be able to generate it in a very simple way and in a very short period of time.

You Will learn with our customized training the easiest way.

You will have full access to our training lessons, and you will learn all steps needed to sell through WhatsApp.


Templates and examples of real use cases

You will have available the templates that better work to most of users available un a simple click.

That’s it! We bring you tested templated to sell through WhatsApp for products and services both digital and traditional business.

And, every month, NEW TEMPLATES


You will just have to indicate which product are you selling, and our AI will generate texts for you like if it would be magic.

In just few clicks you will be able to have everything ready to start receiving your first contacts through WhatsApp.

You will have no more problems writing copies!


I wanted to sell through internet, I saw a lot of people doing it, but I was not capable to start there.

There was a lot of information on the internet, I did not even know how to start.

I had to create complex Sales pages, then work with Auto responders, automate emails, buy domains, hosting and a lot of additional things...

For me it was something, only professionals were capable of.

I either knew where to find my target, and in the case, I was, I did not know how to sell them my product.

I was feeling frustrated, because I had a good product, but I was not able to sell it.

Then I found out Generator Landing and in less than 48 hours , I already had in my WhatsApp people asking me about my product/service and I was closing my first sales through that channel.

Everything changed in that moment...

Julián Gómez
Generator landing’s user

Generator landing target

productos digitales

Digital products or services

  • Online courses

  • eBooks

  • Software

  • Digital academies

  • Info products

  • Product Market fit

and many more...

productos digitales

Physical products and Shops

  • Clothes

  • Clinics

  • Real Estate

  • Insurance

  • Home Appliances

  • and any other kind of services

and much more...

productos digitales


  • Traffickers

  • Community Managers

  • E-sports

  • Marketing Multinivel

  • Coachers

  • Lawyers

and much more...

And also If...

  • You want to learn and improve your digital marketing Skills.

  • You have an idea and want to receive product market fit.

  • You have a product or service and want to sell more.

  • You work in a company and want to provide new strategies.

  • You look for extra income helping other achieve their sales target.

  • You look for a digital transformation and want to improve your visibility.

Choose your plan


Basic Plan

  • · Launch 1 project

  • · Unlimited visits

  • · Connect custom domains

  • · Create texts with IA

  • · Access to full training

  • · SSL certificate included

  • · Customer support 24/7

  • · Private community

17€month 170€year

Safe & Encrypted purchase

Pro Plan

  • · Launch 15 projects

  • · 5 collaborators

  • · Unlimited visits

  • · Connect custom domains

  • · Create texts with IA

  • · Access to full training

  • · SSL certificate included

  • · Customer support 24/7

  • · Private community

47€month 470€year

Safe & Encrypted purchase


If Generator Landing is not what you were expecting, we will return you your money during first 14 days, without any comments or explanation required.

You will have access to all of this

stacking generator landing
  • Tool for building customized landing pages to receive leads interested in your product.

  • Predesigned Templates and proved that they have already invoiced over 5000€

  • Updated training to create your Ads and Sales pages.

  • Real success topics of user that already have Revenue over 10-50,000€ per month using WhatsApp.

  • Training on how to increase and manage your Sales through a 3-step methodology..

  • Customer Support 24/7

  • New updates resources and strategies that we will be publishing month after month.


Why do we use whatsapp

More confident

The key to sell through internet is that user relies on you.

If we manage to make the user trust us and that we could help them, we will have 75% of the sale made.

WhatsApp is the channel where we are closer to final user to increase reliability.

More openings

While only 20% of mails sent are read, WhatsApp achieves a reading rate of 98%, Amazing!!

This means everyone will read your message.

Fast results

Results will be visible within 24/48 hours after launching your campaign.

We do not want you to complicate much, the only thing we want is that you get results.

Everything is predesigned for this purpose.


Our platform has been created in a way that anyone can create his own Sales pages or Landing pages. Training is explained In a very simple and practical way.

Yes, of course, price is set in Euros, but it will automatically be converted to your currency when performing the purchase

Once payment is done, you will be able to access Generator landing through our web: and after that clicking in Members section located on the top or bottom part of this page. You will also be able to access through with your user and password.

Yes, of course, you will only need to go to subscriptions, and you will be able to cancel at any time. Current month will not be reimbursed.

Confirmation will be sent automatically to the email you provide when registering and completing payment. Once receive confirmation, you will be able to access the platform with that same email.

If you do not receive confirmation of your subscription (and you have already checked your SPAM folder), you can contact our customer support department to verify everything is correct. Text us on +34 679 810 904 or an email to [email protected]

It is fine because we work with landing pages. These have a different function than web pages, in our situation, they are for receiving direct contacts for a certain service/product through WhatsApp.

Of course, once inside the tool, you will be able to extend number of visits, projects, pages, collaborators. You will be able to customize it to your requirements. If you have any doubts when completing this step, remember that you can contact our customer support.

What do users say

It has never been that simple to sell online. Generator landing is your best strategic partner to reach more clients with complex interactions.

- Euge Oller -

Platform helped me to duplicate my Revenue. I even opened a digital marketing agency, and I am helping many people with their business through the platform helping them with their sales. Thanks for the help.

- Luis Salto -

I joined Generator landing and since then, I received many more messages than expected, explained videos and very simple to follow and a very personalized customer support. I recommend it 100%

- Antonio Moraga -

I love their fast method to work with WhatsApp. Also with a low budget of 400$ I closed 60 sales with a Revenue of 3000$ and I reached 2000 contacts with a CAC of 0,20$ with your methodology.

- Angélica Saldierna -

We receive 20-30 daily clients asking for our product and closing between 3-4 sales per day. Record was 23 sales in a day. We expect to sell 4 times more. Thank you, Generator Landing!

- Ricardo Ríos -

I launched my campaign yesterday evening, and during the night I began receiving some messages. But today, when I woke up, I had 25 people asking for my services!! In 10 days I moved from 3 weekly services to 3 daily services. I got really surprised.

- Pablo -

I recommend it widely. In a bad day I get 5 clients, an average day it is 20 clients and a good day it is 20 daily clients!!

- Yamil Bazan -

Mi WhatsApp is full of messages and the good part is that I receive a lot of messages, there is many purchases it is very good. I had to hire monitoring to help me and everyday there is people interested.

- José Luis -

We did a campaign and he sold to his clients over 185 menus with our help. For now I am happy with the results

- Vicente Moreno -

I got surprised with Generator Landing. What for me was 4 days to be ready, with generator it is in 5 hours. Amazing!! Thank you!

- Juan Núñez -

I did not see anything like this. Top Service. Sunday at any time answering. I would like to work like this in my company. Congratulations!

- José Venancio -

My god! So easy. Lots of thanks. I delayed a minute with your indications. I really tell tha YOU ARE AMAZING, I learnt more with the chat and lessons inside than with all the masters I paid worth over 4000€

- David Marin -